Paradigm One provides soft skills and etiquette workshops, presence and confidence coaching, and authentic relationship building guidance for diverse young professionals. 

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You recognize the importance of investing in the confidence and success of your organization’s Millennial and Gen Z talent.

Yet, internal resources are limited, finding relevant content can be challenging, and identifying the perfect expert, speaker or coach who is relatable to young people and can also align with your organization or program objectives can be difficult.

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We work with colleges, universities, student organizations, non-profits, and small businesses, companies and corporations to deliver tailored etiquette and soft skills training for diverse Gen Z and Millennial young professionals.

We offer workshops, coaching and consulting to give underrepresented young leaders the social strategy, career mapping, self-awareness, and tools they need to succeed in their career.

If you are an organization, a school, program, department, or organization lead, and are seeking to make a transformational and tangible impact via supplemental career development programming for your junior professionals, we can help.

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We Have Dedicated Expertise 

This is not only our passion, it is our specialty. With 17+ years of experience in DEI initiatives, career development and coaching, we approach each program and project with a well-developed acumen rooted in experience and expertise.


We Reinforce and Relieve

We take the heavy lifting out of providing internal coaching and additional programming on your own. We’re here to reinforce and supplement your existing program objectives, and relieve you of the frustrations of building or teaching it yourself.


We are a Black- and Woman-Owned Business

We are proud to be a black-owned and woman-owned company, representing minority-owned businesses.


We Tailor Our Work to Your Needs

We work side-by-side with our clients to design and deliver a workshop, program, or coaching curriculum that directly addresses and encompasses industry standards, company culture, and organizational objectives and needs.


We are Relevant, Representative, and Relatable

Several employers and organizations feel out of touch with their young people, and experience a widening gap between generations. Our staff, coaches, and instructors keep an ear to the ground on trends, characteristics, jargon, strengths, and key areas of development for today’s young professional, which allows for a genuine and lasting connection with participants for indelible impact.


We Value The Comfort and Confidentiality of All Participants 

Leveraging a third party to approach sensitive subjects provides an objective messenger to reinforce concepts central to the organization. Participants feel more comfortable with an unbiased partner delivering content.


six benefits of working with us

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives

Learning and Development Programming

Companies and Corporations with Diversity Programs

Small Businesses

Non-Profit Organizations with a Career Development Focus or Angle

Fraternities, Sororities, Societies, and Leagues

Professional Membership Organizations

Employee Resource Groups and Affinity Networks 

School/Student Organizations

Colleges and Universities - Undergraduate and Graduate

Our services are ideal for:


Paradigm One offers 40+ specialized workshops on topics relevant to young professionals in the following areas:

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Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Image, Attire, and Grooming

Personal Branding

Navigating Organization Cultures

Networking and Relationship Building

Executive Presence and Confidence

Etiquette and Professionalism


Interview Preparation/Mock Interviews


Individual and Small Group Coaching for Employees

Individual and Small Group Coaching for Program Participants - Fellows, Scholars, Organization Members, etc.

Team Coaching

If your team or organization is looking to have an in-residence coach, we provide:

If you are a young professional interested in 1:1 coaching,

Request Coaching for Your Organization


Curriculum Development

Program and Pilot Execution

If your organization is rolling out a new DEI program focused on young professionals, or refreshing an existing one, we can help.

Paradigm One offers specialized consulting, advising, and additional organizational support in the following areas:

Advising for Special Projects

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Advising for Special Projects

Interview Prep/Bulk Mock Interviews

Bulk Resume Reviews

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